Tribal – Galactic Rntz Live Resin


Tribal’s Galactic Rntz live resin vape cart has one ingredient: our fresh frozen Galactic Rntz flower. The strong fuel flavour and fruity undertones are noticeably intense from this powerful indica dominant strain. Galactic Rntz is Falcon 9 (Sunset sherbet x Tina) and Runtz (Zktlz x Gelato), bred by Exotic Genetix. Galactic Rntz is best appreciated for its fruity flavour with tropical citrus and sour berry notes. Expect a matching aroma with hints of spicy pineapple.

About the brand

Tribal delivers uncompromised premium quality cannabis to users who have a deep relationship with cannabis. From pheno-hunting rare genetics to unfolding each strain’s lineage and flavor profiles, Tribal is a journey not a destination. Enjoy a constant rotating of slow cured and hand trimmed dried cannabis flower.