Persy – Full Spectrum Cold Cured Live Rosin Batter


Our Cold Cured Live Rosin Batter is a strain specific solventless hash oil made with 70-159u ice water hash and careful mechanical separation techniques. Using premium indoor whole plant material grown to its full potential, it is frozen directly after harvest to preserve extremely volatile terpenes found in the living plant. This method allows us to capture a true representation of the strain’s genetics and how they were grown, with very little degradation to colour and flavour. The cold cure process naturally homogenizes the live rosin without heat into a shelf stable consistency that preserves a high amount of naturally derived terpenes.

About the brand

100% solventless using 5*Fresh Frozen Flower. We use premium indoor grown flower, never trim. It goes through a 12 day cold cure process which makes the product half stable at room temperature.