Nugz – Slapz Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin


Nugz Slapz Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin (FFHR) is made from beautiful, frosty, trich-covered Slapz flower, frozen immediately at harvest to preserve the flowers natural terpene profile, flavours and aromas. Slapz FFHR is then made by sieving the frozen premium grade Slapz flower through 159µm to 73µm wash bags in ice water to produce a bubble hash that is then gently heated and pressed into a honey-like rosin. Lookin’ for the hash rosin that slaps back? Nugz Slapz! Best stored in the fridge and brought to room temperature 10 minutes before use.

About the brand

Nugz gives it to you straight. No hold backs, no compromise, no corners cut. Nugz cannabis is undoubtedly some of the best weed you’ll smoke at the most affordable price. Cultivated in their facilities in Farnham and Valleyfield, QC, they’re upping the game a notch, and they’re only getting started. Stay tuned for more.