BC Black – BC Legacy Quads


This rotating offering features the very best flowers from BC Black’s small batch cultivators. This bud is produced in BC, the epicentre of Canada’s cannabis industry, where the pre-legal market had its deepest roots and where our cultivators got their start as lifetime cannabis entrepreneurs. Only the finest flowers make the cut to be called “quads” and that’s exactly what you can expect from a team that grades cannabis on its nose, bud structure and burn. These unique cultivars are highly potent with interesting terpene profiles, brought into legalization by recently licensed cultivators so you will not be bored by the same tired nursery genetics. Check with our team each week to find out which BC Black cultivator and strain are featured in this exquisite selection, a curated love letter to true cannabis connoisseurs.

About the brand

BC Black draws only premium product from small batch craft cultivators with decades of experience and skills honed to perfection during the legacy era of Canadian Cannabis. Products you find under the BC Black brand are ‘cream of the crop’, with only the best strains selected to be included in this group of specialty cannabis. It’s that premium, before-legalization cannabis you know and love, now brought the the legal market by craft cultivators.