Member of the Month January 2024: The BKRY Cannabis Store




Member of the Month January 2024: The BKRY Cannabis Store

entrepreneurial youngest cannabis store owners in Canada changing the dispensary landscape

The BKRY Cannabis Store

3060 Dundas St W.

Daniel and Reeves opened The BKRY Cannabis Store in 2020 at 20 and 21 years old, respectively. With a mission to redefine the cannabis retail experience, they and the small, family-like staff used youthful passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and expert product knowledge to create a personal, welcoming, and educational dispensary. Believing that only the best is required to serve a fantastic community, the principles of building relationships with guests and providing them with excellent products and customer service have guided Daniel and Reeves through the ups and downs of small business ownership.

In a crowded market, what distinguishes The BKRY is its hands-on approach to products. To help break the stigma around cannabis use, The BKRY researches and tests all the products they carry, offering honest feedback and opinions to their customers. This empowers customers, assuring them that any products they’re interested in are effective and suitable for their needs. As a one-stop shop for people looking for all the best cannabis products, The BKRY is the place to be for those who want to get informed and stay up to date on all that cannabis has to offer. Whether you’re a long-time user, looking for innovative consumption methods, or a newcomer wanting to learn more about the evolving world of cannabis, The BKRY is here to support your journey. 

When you enter The BKRY, you’ll discover an alternative to the big-box store philosophy, encountering a service model focused on building relationships. With a wide range of products, from cannabis leaves to pipes and delivery systems to edibles to accessories, it’s a guarantee that you will find what you’re looking for. As a bonus, everything at the store can be picked up or delivered throughout the city. 

Before starting their business, Daniel and Reeves had a vision beyond retail, aiming to create a space that fostered a sense of community and promoted healthy, responsible cannabis use. Over the last few years, The BKRY has done this, becoming a community hub where individuals can explore a diverse range of cannabis products. As a result, it’s no surprise that Daniel and Reeves’ passion for cannabis extends beyond work and into their personal lives through hobbies, as they enjoy breeding and researching new cannabis strains. They dedicate themselves to meeting their high standards, a pillar of their business. They both have a great deal of admiration for nearby Bevi Berra and Petti Fine Foods because of the commitment to high-quality products that they all share. 

Since the doors opened at The BKRY, Daniel and Reeves have been thrilled to see relationships and friendships with their customers transcend simple transactions. In a time of many challenges and changes for small business owners, the pair is incredibly grateful for the community support that allows them to pursue their passions. They know that their journey wouldn’t have been possible without it! 

Learn more about their cannabis dispensary or browse their online store.

Written By: James Watson

Credit to: Junction BIA

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