How Can I Safely And Legally Buy Edibles Online In Toronto?




How Can I Safely And Legally Buy Edibles Online In Toronto?

buying edibles online in Toronto. Where to buy edibles online?

4 Factors To Consider When Buying Edibles Online In Toronto

Nothing is as interesting as settling in and watching the sunset with a doobie or blunt in one hand and a glass of fresh orange juice in the other.

Smoking is a favorite way of consuming weed for most cannabis enthusiasts, and for a reason. For one, smoked THC goes directly into your brain via the lungs, which means instant results.

However, not everyone can smoke. Some people suffer from respiratory health conditions such as asthma, hence can’t smoke. Others simply don’t like smoking or the side effects of smoking, such as dry eyes and mouth.

Just because you can’t smoke doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the numerous benefits of cannabis. This is because there are several ways to consume weed, and in this article, we will talk about weed edibles as we show you what they are, their benefits, and where you can buy edibles online in Toronto.

What Are Weed Edibles?

Edible weed prodicts, gummy bears, weed gummies and THC gummmies for sale.

Just like the name suggests, weed edibles refer to cannabis-based food products. Edibles come in different forms, from gummies to chocolates, brownies, candies, etc.

Since the legalization of marijuana in 2018, edibles have become increasingly popular in Canada, and some have even been found to help manage conditions such as anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.

One of the reasons why people prefer cannabis edibles, especially THC edibles, is that the high from an edible tends to feel more intense and lasts longer than that of smoked weed.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Weed Edibles Online In Toronto

Here are some of the things that set marijuana edibles apart from other weed consumption methods.

1. Edibles Are Healthier Alternatives To Smoking

Man rolling a joint. Buy weed edibles online from cannabis dispensary The Bakery Cannabis in High Park The Junction Toronto.

While smoking is still king when it comes to cannabis consumption, it may not be the healthiest option, especially if you have an underlying respiratory health condition.

This is because inhaling hot smoke and carcinogens may affect your respiratory health, especially if you have asthma.

Edibles offer a safer alternative for such people as no combustion or smoke is involved.

2. It’s Easier To Dose

If you’re worried about overdosing on weed, cannabis edibles come clearly labeled, so you know the exact amount of THC or CBD that you’re consuming.

For instance, THC and Cream White Chocolate bars contains 10 mg of THC.  This means that if you want to consume 5, 10, or 20mg of THC, you know exactly how many bars to eat.

3. Long-Lasting Effects

Man relaxing at home after taking weed edibles from The Bakery Cannabis dispensary in The Junction and High Park Toronto.

When we ingest cannabis edibles, they have to go through the digestive system before the cannabinoids in them can find their way into the bloodstream and finally to your brain. This process takes time, and hence it will take longer for you to experience the effects.

However, this has an advantage.

While in the liver, the THC is converted into a stronger form of THC called 11-hydroxy-THC. When this compound finally hits your bloodstream and takes effect, you will experience a more strong-headed high, and its effects will last anywhere between four to eight hours.

This means that if you take quality THC edibles such as this Blue Raspberry Lemonade Soft Chews, you will experience relief for longer on the go.

4. Edibles Are Less Messy And Are Easier To Use

THC edibles for sale online from legal weed dispensary The Baker Cannabis in the junction high park Toronto.

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always take an edible. For instance, our Pomegranate Blueberry Acai Gummies look like any other gummy. No one has to ever know that your gummy is infused with CBD or THC.

Not that it’s wrong, but due to years of cannabis stigmatization fueled by misinformation and lies, some people still frown at cannabis products.

If you would like to keep your use a secret, the cannabis gummies provide the perfect cover as to everyone else, you are just taking a gummy or a candy.

Edibles are also the easiest to take as no fancy tools are required; you just drink or eat them the way you would any other food.

5. Cannabis Edibles Doesn’t Have To Get You High

Perhaps you just want to enjoy the health benefits of THC without getting you high? Consuming raw cannabis can do the trick!

While the primary intoxicating compound in cannabis is THC, it’s important to note that when the cannabis leaves are raw and young, there is practically no THC in them.

At this stage,  THC exists as THCA, an inactive compound found in the trichomes of live cannabis plants.

THCA won’t get you high and only becomes THC (the psychoactive compound) after it has aged or been exposed to heat through decarboxylation.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of the whole cannabis plant without getting high, you can consider including raw marijuana into your diet.

Alternatively, you can go for our THC Milk Chocolate, which boasts 10mg CBD per pack and only 0.50mg THC.

Where To Buy Edibles Online In Toronto

Woman shopping online to buy edibles in Toronto. The Bakery Cannabis dispensary The Junction Toronto.

Now that you know what edibles are and their benefits, where can you buy them online in Toronto?

Our previous article looked at the top factors you should consider when looking for the best weed shop near you.

So how do you know you’re picking the best weed edibles online?

There are some tips that can help you.

4 Factors To Consider When Buying Edibles Online In Toronto

1. Legality

Legal weed dispensary in High Park & The Junction Toronto. Buy weed near me.

Although marijuana is legal in Canada, the cannabis industry is still highly unregulated. It’s, therefore, possible to come across low-quality and potentially harmful weed edibles, especially from the black market.

To ensure the product you consume is safe and meets the strict rules set by federal and provincial/territorial governments, buy your product from a legal and licensed dispensary.

Another reason why you should buy edibles online from a legal dispensary is to help support local legal businesses and help keep profits away from criminals and organized crime.

Buying from a legal dispensary also means that your information is safe and that your order will be delivered safely and securely.

The Bakery Cannabis Store is a legal marijuana dispensary located on Dundas Street, West Toronto.

We offer an in-store shopping experience, self-serve kiosks, and online ordering where we get your edibles delivered on the same day in Toronto, Mississauga, and Etobicoke!

2. Potency

Cannabis potency. Weed delivery near me.

Another factor you should consider when buying legal edibles online is their potency.

Potency refers to the percentage of cannabinoids, e.g., THC present in an edible. If you’re a newbie, you should go for edibles with low THC concentrations to avoid experiencing severe side effects.

When buying edibles online, ensure the products are clearly labeled, indicating the cannabinoids present and their concentration.

3. Packaging

Cannabis packaging. Buy weed near me. Legal weed delivery near me. Buy weed in Toronto. Cannabis dispensary.

While this may look like a minor factor, packaging and proper labeling should be the prelude to a unique and exciting edible experience that awaits inside.

The packaging should be discrete, safe, child-proof, and resealable.

Look at it this way, if the company can’t invest in quality packaging, which is the face of the product (the first thing that you will see), what are the chances that they will invest time to make a great product that you will only see after you have already bought and opened the package?

Quality packaging and proper labeling show that the company cares for the image they put across and the overall cannabis experience for their consumers.

4. Proper Labeling

Proper labelling for cannabis product packaging. Buy edibles in Toronto. Edibles delivery in high park The Junction Toronto.

Everything about the product, from its name, the manufacturer, ingredients used, CBD and THC concentration, etc., should be indicated on the packaging.

In short, you should know what you’re buying from the word go.

Is It Legal To Buy THC Edibles Online?

Is It Legal To Buy THC Edibles Online?

Following the change in cannabis law in 2019, it’s now completely legal to buy THC edibles online in Canada.

Just ensure you are of the legal age (19 years) and are buying your products from a legal/licensed weed dispensary.

Buy Legal Edibles Online At The Bakery Cannabis Store

If you do not wish to smoke or vape weed because of health reasons or just because you don’t like smoking, edibles offer a perfect alternative.

At The Bakery Cannabis Store, we believe every adult should have access to quality and affordable cannabis products.

We offer a wide range of cannabis edibles which include:

1. Bogarts Kitchen Cluster Puck

Bogarts Kitchen Cluster Puck

2. Shredems Sour Cherry Punch Gummies

Shredems Sour Cherry Punch Gummies

3. Vacay Score Toffee

Vacay Score Toffee. buy edibles online in Toronto. Pot shop in High Park The Junction.

4. Olli Chocolate Brownie

Olli Chocolate Brownie. buy weed near me. dispensary in high park Dundas street west Toronto.

5. Shredems Sour Megamelon Gummies

Shredems Sour Megamelon Gummies. Buy edibles online in Toronto. Edibles delivery in High Park & The Junction in West Toronto.

6. Edison Jolts

Edison Jolts weed edibles for sale. Where to buy edibles online? High park cannabis dispensary and pot shop in the Junction Toronto West.

Reach out to the professionals at The Bakery Cannabis Store to learn more about edibles and weed products in general.

Buy weed in High Park West Toronto on Dundas Street West. Pot shop in the junction with weed delivery.

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