5 Legendary Weed Strains To Buy Online Today




5 Legendary Weed Strains To Buy Online Today

5 Best Weed Strains to buy from high park weed dispensary the bakery cannabis pot shop on Dundas St West Toronto.

Here Are 5 Weed Strains Every Marijuana Enthusiast Will Love

What separates good weed strains from the mediocre? Is it the smell and taste, effects, potency, or the quality of the buds? Today’s feature is a weed strain guide meant to help enlighten you as you shop for cannabis online in West Toronto. 

5 Weed Strain Names That You Should Not Ignore

Whether you’re a newbie looking to try new cannabis weed strains for the first time, or an OG toker that’s been doing this for years, these are a few weed strains you will enjoy.

Top Weed Strains 1 – Ghost Drops- Khalifa Mints Pre-Rolls

If there’s a rare gem in the cannabis world, it’s this one. Khalifa Mints is a cross of the elusive Khalifa Kush and The Menthol, offering you a unique smoking experience. 

This classy cross brings you the best of both worlds; The Menthol is a world-famous marijuana strain that has been used to develop new strains like Kool Grapes and Tiger Bomb. On the other hand, Khalifa Kush introduces OG Kush genetics to the mix, creating a potent, dank child strain. 

This is why many people regard Khalifa Mints as one of the best weed strains in West Toronto.

Khalifa Mints Aroma And Flavor

Khalifa Mints weed strains have an interesting aroma and flavor; with a terpene profile of 3.35%, this strain will delight your taste buds. It has a sweet aroma with notes of gas and pepper, with subtle cake undertones. 

When lit, it gives off powerful, dank smoke that will linger in the air for a while after you’re done. This is not a strain you can smoke discreetly. 

These Are The Effects Of Smoking Khalifa Mints

Khalifa Mints has a THC count of 24.5%, thus packs quite a decent punch. It is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that will leave you locked to the couch. A Reddit user that tried these pre-rolls out had this to say about it: “lmfao, the cold halts the high until you’re in the heat of your house, eh, and then you just melt.” That’s one of the things Canadians say when the flower slaps. 

If you’re looking for weed strains you can suck on before going to bed, this right here will do it for you. Khalifa Mints is incredibly potent and is best suited for people with some experience in smoking marijuana. However, it works great for beginners too, but make sure to take it only a few puffs at a time. 

How Our Khalifa Mints Pre-rolls Are Packed

We believe in quality and consistency in all our products. We, therefore, ensure that all products we sell come packaged in a functional yet aesthetically appealing way. 

All products come with adequate information printed on the package to ensure you know what you’re smoking and how much THC is in it. This makes it easier for our customers to decide how much they should take.

These Khalifa Mints pre-rolls come in a classy child-proof bottle. The cannabis is hand-picked, hang dried, and hand-rolled for an almost perfect human touch. The blunts are packed generously and tightly with a filter tip for the most enjoyable smoking experience. 

Top Weed Strains 2 – Natural History- LA Kush Cake

If you’re a fan of Kush Cake, you’ll love this cultivar from Natural History. Cannabis enthusiasts have fallen in love with different strains over the years, and this right here is one of them. 

LA Kush Cake is a cross between Wedding Cake and Kush Mints; this strain gets the best features of both its parents and is an iconic strain in its own right. 

For instance, Wedding Cake offers its sweet dough-like aroma, and Kush Mints its piney, dank smell, a combination that gives LA Kush Cake its unique, eclectic smell. 

How Does LA Kush Cake Smell and Taste?

LA Kush Cake has a strong and unique terpene profile that makes for a great smell and taste. This strain has a pungent, earthy, sandalwood aroma with strong notes of diesel and subtle cake, lemon, and vanilla undertones. It has a 3.1% terpene profile and mainly contains D-Limonene, Linalool, and Beta-Caryophyllene, and will be a DELIGHT to smoke.

What Are The Effects Of Smoking LA Kush Cake Weed Strain?

This is a premium indica-dominant hybrid that was specifically cultured to have high concentrations of THC. It packs about 23% of this psychoactive cannabinoid and is likely to knock your socks off. If you’re a long-time smoker, you may put up a decent fight, but this Kush is bound to win. 

This strain is ideal for nighttime use, after a long day at work, right before going to bed. If you find it difficult to go to sleep and are looking for an effective, natural solution, you should try LA Kush Cake. It’s one of the best pot strains for a reason.

How Is Natural History’s LA Kush Cake Weed StrainsPackaged?

This LA Kush Cake weed strains come in striking, black, zip-lock packaging with a premium, executive look. We believe in selling high-quality products at an affordable price range, and LA Kush Cake fits this description quite aptly. 

These dense, heavy buds are hand-picked, hand-trimmed, hang-dried, and cured in cold conditions for the best smoking experience. They have a light green coat with streaks of brown and orange and are deliciously covered in trichomes. If you need weed delivery in West Toronto, we’ve got you. 

Top Weed Strains 3 – Carmel- Animal Face

There’s something about a nice sativa that always has us going back. Maybe it’s the light-headed feeling that gets us, or perhaps the uplifting high typically associated with sativas. Since we’re looking at some of the best marijuana strains in West Toronto, it would be a crime not to mention Carmel’s Animal Face. 

Animal Face weed strains are a tasty and potent cannabis strain you will love. This strain was developed by crossing Face Off OG with Animal Mints, giving it an incredible genetic profile. 

It takes up the piney and gassy terpenes of Face Off OG and blends them with the sweet cookie flavor of Animal Mints. This fusion helps create a magnificent strain in its own right. 

What Is The Smell And Flavor Of Carmel’s Animal Face?

Upon the first whiff, this elegant strain gives off a strong herb aroma that morphs into a sweet and pleasant smell. Animal Face has a cookie and dough-like aroma that would remind one of the sweet, creamy icing that would go on pastries. 

When smoked, this aroma translates into a unique flavor- that of pine and walnut cake. This taste would blend rather well with a glass of fruit juice, some chocolate, wine, or even a cup of coffee. 

How Does The Animal Face Weed Strain Make You Feel?

This strain contains about 18-24% THC and is incredibly potent. Like all good sativa-dominant hybrids, this strain delivers an uplifting and energetic high. 

Its effects kick in soon after smoking it, with a full head high being the first thing you feel. This then morphs into a body-numbing sensation that leads to calmness and muscle relaxation. 

Many users have reported feeling a strong wave of happiness and euphoria after smoking this strain. This makes it ideal for fun activities that require energy, such as hiking, beach volleyball, or playing with your dogs. 

Others have found it to spark inspiration and creativity, making it best suited for artistic and creative ventures. 

If you’re looking for the best weed strains to smoke when you need a boost, Animal Face is that daytime strain you should take everywhere with you. Your friends will thank you. 

Carmel’s Animal Face- The Packaging

Animal Face weed strain comes in a classy orange zip-lock bag that helps maintain aroma, flavor, and freshness. Pre-rolls come in a longer bag, while dried flower comes in a short, squat bag. These bags are easy to open and can be resealed to keep your pre-rolls or flowers as humid and fresh as before. 

This marijuana was handled professionally from the onset; it was subjected to proper, organic farming techniques, hang-dried, hand-trimmed, and cold-cured for two weeks. It was then hand-rolled and packaged with love. You’ll enjoy these nice and thick pre-rolls. 

Top Weed Strains 4 – RAD Reserve – Bubba Kush

If you’ve been smoking marijuana for a while now, you’ve for sure encountered Bubba Kush, one of the most beloved strains in the cannaworld. If you haven’t, well, this is a strain you’ll fall in love with.

Although the parentage and genetics of Bubba Kush remain largely unknown, it’s a known fact that this indica strain will leave you strapped to the couch. It has a bold and unique terpene profile. 

How Does Rad Reserve Bubba Taste And Smell?

This Bubba Kush cultivar has a strong terpene profile consisting of delta-limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and beta-myrcene. These are the terpenes responsible for its pleasant and unique taste and smell.

Bubba Kush has a sweet and pungent aroma with strong notes of soil, coffee, and dark chocolate. 

When smoked, it gives off sweet hashish flavors with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee. The taste of this strain blends magically with that of fresh fruit juice, chocolate, coffee, or even candy. RAD Reserve’s Bubba Kush will delight your taste buds. 

How Will Rad Reserve’s Bubba Kush Make Me Feel?

Bubba Kush weed strain is a sweet, intoxicating Indica that will leave you feeling calm and super relaxed. It has a strong, tranquilizing high that ends in powerful, intense, full-body relaxation. 

Many users have also reported feeling an easy in their muscles after smoking this strain. This makes it ideal for use after a long day at work or a grueling evening hike. 

This strain is best used in the evening due to its heavy, enveloping high. If you’re looking for a potent pot strain that will help you get to bed easier, Bubba Kush is the strain for you. 

How Does Rad Reserve Package Their Bubba Kush?

RAD Reserve’s Bubba Kush weed trsaind come in a colorful airtight, child-proof bottle that allows your blunts to stay fresh and humid while retaining their flavor. 

This packaging is clearly marked with information regarding the product, how to use it, and the precautions one would need to take when using it.

The blunts are rolled perfectly by professionals to ensure a smooth, even burn with white ash and smooth smoke. 

If you’re curious to find out what the best weed strain in West Toronto is, RAD Reserve’s Bubba Kush is a strong contender. 

Top Weed Strains 5 – Mood Ring- Craft Golden Berry

Craft Golden Berry by Mood Ring is a unique and delicious indica that’s loved all over the country for its pleasant taste and enveloping high. 

This strain’s parentage and lineage remain largely unknown, but many users have been appeased by what it has to offer. 

Mood Ring is committed to quality, sustainability, and accessibility; all its products are high-quality, cultivated using organic, environment-friendly means, and provided at affordable price points. 

How Does Craft Golden Berry Taste And Smell?

Craft Golden Berry has a 1.18% terpene profile that’s mainly composed of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. This explains its pleasant skunky, sweet smell and taste.

The Craft Golden Berry weed strains have a sweet and spicy red berry flavor with hints of lavender. When burnt, this strain erupts in dank smoke with hints of skunk and a piney aftertaste. Remember to keep your windows open when smoking this bad boy. 

What Are the Effects Of Smoking Craft Golden Berry?

Craft Golden Berry is a potent indica marijuana strain with a THC count of about 24.3%. It also contains 0.07% CBD. Many users reported feeling relaxed and calm after smoking this strain, whose effects border on gentle sedation. 

Muscle relaxation is also experienced while smoking these weed strains, leaving the user feeling nice and floaty without being too heavy. 

This is the perfect strain for nights when you’re having trouble going to sleep, even though you’re beat up and exhausted and need the rest. 

How Mood Ring Packages Their Craft Golden BerryMood Ring Craft Golden Berry weed for sale. Buy weed near me. High park cannabis dispensary The Bakery Cannabis Shop.

Mood Ring understands the value of elegant yet functional packaging. This strain is packed in an airtight aluminum tin, filled with nitrogen to keep the flowers dank, fresh, and humid. It also has a unique, child-proof lid.

All cannabis sold by Mood Ring is carefully sourced, hang-dried, and hand-picked; it is also trimmed and packaged by hand by experienced professionals. 

Thanks to their partnership with One Tree Planted, each product purchased contributes towards planting trees, allowing you to do your bit for the environment without having to put on your work boots.

If you’re searching for the best weed strains in West Toronto, this new delight from Mood Ring deserves to be on the list. 

Can I Order Weed Strains Online Legally In Canada?

For people living in West Toronto, it’s totally legal to buy weed strains and other cannabis products online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Our online dispensary stocks a wide variety of weed strains, all selected for their high potency, pleasant aroma and taste, and strong effects. 

We’re a legal online marijuana dispensary that allows you to re-up on your weed without having to leave the house. 

We consistently provide convenience and quality and are dedicated to ensuring our customers have access to good weed strains whenever they need it. Give us a try- you’ll love it.

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